Welcome to Solar Energy Sytem.

I created this website to discuss the newest in solar technology and green power, along with resources, FAQs, and how-to’s to spread word about the energy of the future. Green energy is our next logical step as coals and oil won’t last forever.

If enough people use solar or other green energy, we could start reversing the damaging effects of trapped carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Ocean levels are rising and the average temperature of the earth has risen to the highest level since we began keeping records. Not good signs!

You’ll have to forgive me sometimes, though — I enjoy reading and writing about everything connected to our world, nature, and the future of our societies. Sometimes my articles may stray from strictly solar, so allow me to share my enthusiasm about other related subjects with you, dear reader.

Thanks for visiting. If you enjoy your stay, spread the word! Everyone can use a bit of sunshine in their lives.