Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power Energy

Advantages Solar EnergyAdvantages of Solar Power Energy:

  • The sun gives out free energy for many hours every day. If you can harness it, it’s yours to use
  • Solar power is a renewable resource that doesn’t harm the earth with extraction such as oil and coal
  • Unlike wind we can guarantee there will be sunshine in typical sunny places, guaranteeing power
  • Once installed, solar panels can last up to 40 years, which means 40 years of extremely cheap or free energy
  • Solar power can power many types of devices and tools such as hot water holders, so that coal need not be burnt to heat home water
  • In many states, the solar power you don’t use can be fed back to the local power grid, resulting in an energy bill credit or even a cash payment
  • Solar energy systems are generally low or no maintenance, with strong guarantees by their manufacturers and almost zero costs in upkeep for decades


Disadvantages of Solar Power Energy:

  • Up front costs can be high, up to 15-30,000 for a typical home. But many governments are offering tax credits these days to homeowners who install solar systems
  • If you wish to be completely off-the-grid, there doesn’t yet exist batteries powerful or efficient enough to store sufficient energy for nighttime use
  • So the most power you can use must be during the day
  • Likewise, weather can and will affect how much power can be harnessed
  • If you don’t live in a very sunny location, you may not be able to get enough power
  • Solar panels can take up a lot of space, but roofs are very useful for this
  • There has been stories of theft of solar panels in the news recently — so secure your panels!

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