Even more reason to switch to solar: LA will pay homeowners for solar power

Solar PowerFrom Power Engineering:

The CLEAN LA Solar program will allow local property owners to sell solar power generated from rooftops and parking lots back to the DWP, using a mechanism called a feed-in tariff, or FiT. Los Angeles will be the largest city in the nation to adopt such a program, which will supply renewable energy at a reasonable cost while spurring private investment, creating high-quality jobs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and helping the state and city meet renewable power requirements.

This is exciting news. We’ve all known that some states and cities will let you feed your unused solar electricity back to the grid but this is the first time I’m seeing it so publicized, and in such a huge city too! The smog in LA can be unreal, as is the traffic, so maybe this will help the city of angels see clearer skies and more green.

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