People for Solar

Uses of Solar PowerGood ideas come from everywhere. It’s why I can’t get enough of reading things online. This certainly is no exception: A man named Paul Needham has created a solution for India’s poor. Currently, many Indians lack access to basic electricity because it’s too expensive, yet they use expensive kerosene to power their lamps. Needham figured out he could provide solar panels to them up front, allowing people to pay small monthly amounts with their cell phones until the solar panels are paid off. After that? Free power. It’s truly ideas like these that give me hope for humanity.

Similarly, a few towns in California have begun pooling their resources together in an effort to get the best deals on solar. Collectively, they have more bargaining power and weight than separately, and they have used this power to achieve discounts on their solar panels and installations. REC Solar Inc was chosen for their solar needs based on customer service, price, warranties, and other factors.

We sometimes forget the power we have. From empowering the less fortunate to becoming a leader in your town’s quest for green energy, the power of one can change the world.

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